Company overview

KANAYAMASOUGYO company overview
KANAYAMASOUGYO was founded first as art dealing company under the name of “ESSOR Dragon Rise”.
ESSOR is a French word associated with the rise of a dragon to express development and great strides and the same qualities that the company wished to develop among artists.

Then in 2011.
We think that a lot of people have noticed it , but this world has come through great and visible changes.
Therefore in accordance with ESSOR Company’s “Show of love in harmony with the universe” ideology we changed our company name to 「KANAYAMASOUGYO」to enlarge (not in the simple meaning of business enlargement) into a new style all covering business to overcome stereotypes and oversimplified concepts or images.

What do you all wonder when you hear the word “business”?
Do you think business is all about making financial profits?
Of course profits are important but we strongly believe that they will be not enough to sustain business in the 21th Century.

KANAYAMASOUGYO (Incorporated), in the name of Kyouka Kanayama’s philosophy, will help you all develop enterprises with a great mutual heart resonance.

*Main professional activities*

Art production
Publication projects
Unification programs for company top executives’ heart and soul management
Purification of sites and spaces with energy perfumes
Individual energy revitalization healing perfumes (Amrta)
Courses and workshops
Healing research committees
Culture / art total consulting
Total food and clothing commodities development and sales,
Land properties, buildings, habitats and shops atmosphere and wave tuning consulting

・Foundation: 1988
・Company name: KANAYAMASOUGYO Inc.
・main company address: Shizuoka-City, Aoi-ku, otowa-Cho, 6-15-107
・Tel: 054-247-0569 (information desk)