Privacy Policy

Kanayamasougyo Kabushiki Kaisha/Kanayamasougyo Co., Ltd, as a company also operating its maintenance and business on a web site attaches a great importance to personal information and conducts its handling according to the policy below:

  1. 1) Usage and acquisition of personal information
    1. 1. Acquisition of personal information can be made only by lawful and fair means with the consent of the concerned individual.
    2. 2. The usage of such acquired information must have a clearly defined purpose and limited to the information necessary to that purpose.
  2. 2) Personal information consignment & offer
    Our company protects the confidentiality of any handled personal information entrusted to us or entrusted to others.
    As for matters concerning re-consignment, personal information contained in accident burden and responsibility sharing or contract termination, return or erasure of such information will be clearly defined.
    Except for requests based on statute, laws and ordinances and other relevant authorities, we do not divulge any personal information to a third party.
  3. 3) Statute, laws and ordinances and other norms
    Our company strictly follows rules, statute, laws and ordinances as established by the country when handling personal information.
  4. 4) Personal information management
    Personal information acquired by our company is protected by a strict security. We will take upon us the responsibility of any corrective measures deemed necessary prevent any malignant access, partial loss, destruction, damage or leakage.
  5. 5) Client’s personal questions and enquiries
    All correspondence is acted in good faith and quickly provided solely through our own reception counter when a client requests the end of publication, correction or use of personal information held by our company or wishes to file a complaint or asks for advice.
  6. 6) Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system
    Our company is constantly revising, practicing and protecting its own personal information protection management system.
    Moreover our company is continuously improving its management system with the latest technologies.

For any questions concerning personal information contact CS Manager Noriyaki Kanayama at